Steve began his music journey in 2001 when he began to learn guitar and made his first attempts to form a band. It wasn’t until 2004 when he formed Hamerex and he started to work on his songwriting skills as the band began playing live and gradually releasing numerous demos, EPs and albums throughout the 14 years that the band was active.

Following the band’s overnight implosion and taking a step back, Steve decided to start a solo career in August 2018, going through the archives and putting together a studio album from a decade or older of unused material intended for Hamerex. This was soon to become Back in Hell, Steve’s first attempt at recording and releasing his own album, making plenty of mistakes and learning just as much along the way.

Since the debut’s release, he has used his experience to record a follow up album, The Prophecy, which will be released in 2020, as well as the sessions album Alive in Isolation which released in June of the same year.






Stunningly good performance, ‘BIH’ is an impressive solo and its audio production is flawless. Consistent delivery throughout, enabling listeners to access the mood of the tracks, through catchy melodies and carefully crafted arrangements. Resonant, as a classic, old school sound, with passion and conviction burning throughout it, ‘BIH’ should definitely whet the appetites of all true heavy metal fans.
Jenny Tate – Rock Queen Reviews (9/10)

Overall Back In Hell is a great strong solo effort that effectively showcases Steve’s un-doubted talents as both a writer and multi instrumentalist
Baz Gennard – Sinister Angels Realm (8/10)

An infectious and addictive album of pure British beef, ‘Back In Hell’ is a great way to launch your solo career.
Iron Mathew Collins – Frenzy Fire

All in all, this is British metal taking inspiration from masters of the scene that has developed into a combined influential and proficient recording.
Paul Maddison – Ave Noctum (8.5/10)

Overall this is a great rock album and I highly recommend a listen especially to Iron Maiden Fans.
Johnny K – Metallum Sub Terra (7/10)