A few thoughts…

I’m sure any of you that follow my band Hamerex have heard about the hiatus announcement which we went public with yesterday, coupled with the video I made where I was struggling to keep it together while I kind of rambled, which I think I owed it to myself to do, as well as to the fans of the band that had been waiting for the best part of two months to hear something from us.

It’s not the news you wanted, assuming you’re fans that are reading this, and it’s not something I particularly wanted to do, but for now it makes sense. Like I’ve said, I love the band and the music, but finding the motivation to put ourselves through months of searching for new people and then finding the right people, and then relearning everything and actually finding it in me to listen to the music itself, let alone play it, doesn’t exactly fill me with much joy. But it wasn’t just my decision, it was Andy’s as well, so it’s both remaining band members that aren’t exactly feeling it for Hamerex at the moment.

The support and kindness has been quite overwhelming, and shows people do have a place in their hearts for the band.

So, what this means, I suppose, I’m going to try to get my act together and finish this extended… I suppose vision, of ‘The Premonition’, though it’s more an addition of a couple of shorter stories to kind of make the end of that book make a bit more sense, as I kind of was unintentionally clever with certain aspects but I can go on to explain a few bits with some new ideas I’ve got together. The main bulk of one of those stories is finished, which may need a few skims over to elaborate on certain parts, neaten, trim up, maybe slightly rewrite. ‘The Premonition’ as it is, will remain untouched, and for those that do have that book, I intend to release the expanded version in 2 separate editions, a complete edition which is currently going under the title ‘Scythe Tales’, which will include ‘The Premonition’ and the extra stories, which I suppose they’re more chapters in their own right than stories. The other edition will feature the two new stories, in ‘The Island/It Comes To Us All’ sort of double feature. The latter I currently have at about 40 pages, (for some reason when I sat down to write this, I thought it was about 60), and the former, I’m on page 8. I’ve had these ideas swimming around for awhile and I think are going to end up being a bit shorter than I expected. I mean, I could try to flesh things out more, but I’m quite happy with where the story goes and some of what I had planned for ‘The Island’ has crossed over in to ‘It Comes To Us All’ so some slight rearrangements have been made.

I’m hoping I can get this together and release it later this year or early next, and see what my publishing options are as I’m not really expecting the expansion to be longer than 60 pages, if it actually gets that far. A new paper back release, yeah, but whether hardback is a possibility with self-publishing, I’ll have a look.

I think that’s the main thing I’ll be looking at focusing on, and hopefully may lead to some new future stories, whether short collections or if I can come up with enough ideas to focus on a single lengthy novella/novel again.

My Youtube channel I still intend to do more with, hopefully. I’m wanting to add some more vocal covers or full covers when I get chance and possibly do some more game focussed content. I also intend to bring this site a bit more to life as well with what I’m doing, whether I just do a blog post, talk about games or I’m actually being creative and have something to announce, I suppose time will tell with that, but here’s hoping.

Anyway, that’ll be it for now from me, and as soon as I have anything new, I’ll be straight on to type away to inform you all.


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