The Prophecy Out Now

My second album, The Prophecy, is out now.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to say that, though it is admittedly a strange feeling. Stranger than Back in Hell, maybe because it’s been finished since May and it’s basically been out there that long. That and the ongoing pandemic situation on top of having a horrible start to the year. But we’re nearing the end of the year an my second album is finally here in it’s full capacity.

Below you can find The Prophecy available to buy at the following online stores. Please be aware that a lot of these listings I found on google and I can’t say I’ve come across them before, so outside of the obvious (Amazon, Apple, HMV…) or somewhere I know’s a trusted source (Code 7 – they’re my distributor) be sure you know they’re a trusted shop before making any purchases. I know the album can also be found on eBay from various sellers. I also have one copy left available on Bandcamp alongside some Back in Hell Special Editions you can find here.

You can buy The Prophecy at:

7 Digital – Digital (UK – £7.92/£9.99) / Digital (US – $9.39/$11.49) – CD (£13.15) / Digital (£7.92)
Apple Music – Digital
Code 7 – CD (£10.99)
HMV Online – CD (£13.99)
HMV Online Japan – CD (¥2,970)
Lohaco – CD (¥2,732)
Mondadori Store – CD (14,44 €)
Tower Records Japan – CD (¥ 2,366)

Listings with 30th October Release Date: – CD ($19.99) / Digital ($8.99)
CC Music – CD ($16.99)
Daddy Kool – CD ($19.99)
Exile on Main – CD ($19.99)
Finders Records – CD ($19.99)
FYE – CD ($19.54)
Kish Kash – CD ($30.95)
Schoolkids Records – CD ($19.99)
Siren Records – CD ($19.99)
Vintage Vinyl – CD ($19.99)
WOWHD – CD (£15.04)

On a final note, and a fun one, to celebrate the release of The Prophecy, I’ve put together the closest thing I can do to a live performance which will be live on Youtube tonight at 8:15pm. For those subscribed to the Fan Pass, you’ll be able to download the audio once the stream has begun.

To subscribe to the Fan Pass, please visit here.

The Prophecy Release Day Stream

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