Bandcamp Friday Tomorrow

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. It’s another month and another Bandcamp Friday is upon us, where Bandcamp waives their fees and all money from every sale goes directly to the musicians, with I think tomorrow being the last currently scheduled one. As the Black Friday sales of last week have been and gone, and that I’ve taken a bit of a back seat on the music for the past couple of weeks, I’ve decided to do a bit of a sale – kind of – to go hand in hand with tomorrow.

So, to start with, I know most of you already have Back in Hell, but I’ll be discounting the Special Edition, as well as making available a few copies that are missing the rear inlay which will be further discounted. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, as much as I intended to keep the Special Edition available, I’ve decided to discontinue it after my remaining copies have been sold, to which any further copies I’ll probably get printed with digipaks to sit side by side with The Prophecy, and I’ll probably continue to do so moving forward as they look nice.
Check out Back in Hell

Secondly, for this weekend only, and starting today, I’ve discounted the Fan Pass to £6 per year, usually £10, where you can get special releases such as demos for both Back in Hell and The Prophecy, all the main discography digitally (including the Be Quick or Be Dead cover), and The Prophecy Release Day Stream to download. There will also be a 25% discount on all merch while you’re subscribed. There is more to come with some of the special releases taking longer than I intended, but you’ll get instant access to them when I finish them as well as the audio of future streams. It’s something that will keep expanding with more demos and various other recordings as well as we push on through 2021.
Check out the Fan Pass

Other than those, I’ve only got the one copy of The Prophecy left. Although, if you would like to venture over to see what I did in Hamerex for 14 years, you can find copies of our first album Rites of Passage and third album Traitor still available on the Hamerex Bandcamp page for only £5.

It’s easy enough to go on a tangent with other things and talk about what I have planned and would like to do and hope to do, but at the moment, I’m going to hold off until later this month when I hopefully pull my finger out and get to work on the next stream, and with hopefully having a better internet connection by then it should make some of that process much easier to do.

So until next time, take care and stay safe


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