The Prophecy Revealed

I’m absolutely delighted to reveal my next album, The Prophecy, a concept album about the end of the world and loosely based on the Supernatural series. It also ties in to ‘Back in Hell’, ‘The Prophet’, ‘Haunting Misery’ and ‘The World is Ablaze’ from the Back in Hell album.

Pre-orders for the album are currently live on Bandcamp which you can find here. Anyone that orders the album, physically or digitally, will get their names in the booklet The Prophecyas a thank you for helping to fund the album, while those that order the CD will have their copies signed. Bandcamp are also waiving their fees for the day, so sales will help that bit more to funding the release of the album. Bonded by Blood will also be instantly downloadable and streamable.

While I haven’t set a finalised release date, I will be aiming to get the album out by, or at least in the hands of those that pre-order by 14th August 2020. Depending how things go, and with everything happening in the world at the moment, the date may change, though I will try my best to get it as close to that date as possible without the delays that plagued the Back in Hell album due to the injuries I had while working on that record.

All the music was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself, as well as all the artwork.

  1. The Screaming Eye (4:29)
  2. Bonded by Blood (5:19)
  3. Black Dog (3:51)
  4. And the Bell Tolls (7:55)
  5. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (6:15)
  6. Angel (5:01)
  7. Lucifer Rising (Hell Awakens) (3:35)
  8. The End (8:22)

Listen to the album in full below, which was just streamed on Youtube.

Pre-order The Prophecy on Bandcamp.


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