XX Series: Celebrating 20 Years of Making Music

What was meant to be a quiet year for me has actually turned in to one of my busiest. Not because I’ve got a new studio album in the works (that should be next year), but because going from Alive in Isolation II, I realised I started out playing guitar and becoming the musician I am today 20 years ago. So as I’d done a few streams last year trying to do a more live experience, which is difficult without a band, I thought why not do four streams to mark four different eras of making music, two with Hamerex and two of my solo project, so that’s exactly what I’ve done.

These streams began releasing in June, the first being the early days of Hamerex, when we started out up until we did the Into War EP. The second was from Rites of Passage onwards, up until Traitor ( I know, we did the Abyss Volume 1). The third was just focused on Back in Hell and The Prophecy and lastly, and probably the most exciting, is the fourth stream which is due to go out this Thursday at 6pm. The Future.

The Future stream is all brand new material, well, to everyone but me I suppose, and will feature songs that will be on the next three albums I do, as well as an EP. I’m quite excited about some of this material, especially the more imminent songs for my third album which will see out the stream.

For anyone that wants to go back through the last 4 months of what I’ve kept myself busy with, you can check out each stream below, though be sure to set your reminders for The Future stream at the bottom. For anyone that subscribes to my Bandcamp Fan Pass Subscription, you will be able to download all the audio from the streams at high quality, plus everything else that I’ve done.

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