Thunder and Lightning is out today!

Steve’s new EP, ‘Thunder and Lightning‘ is out now, and while the CD’s have now been available for awhile, it’s now widely available on all digital streaming services and storefronts.

The ‘Thunder and Lightning‘ EP features 5 songs including the Hamerex song ‘The Seas and the Skies’ which was originally on ‘The Gates of Hades’ demo from 2006 and has largely been absent since 2007 until the band went on hiatus in 2018.

1. Thunder and Lightning
2. Mummy’s Tomb
3. Egyptian King
4. From the Grave
5. The Seas and the Skies

This EP, along with ‘Tribute‘, was originally being worked on prior to ‘The Prophecy’, but both were put on hold during that album’s recording sessions.

While I’ll likely try to put something out in 2023, this is currently the only release planned before the on-going third album comes out sometime in 2024.

This is old fashioned Heavy metal with a slight Progressive feel – 7/10 (Wim Van Grunsven/

‘Thunder and Lightning’ is as metal as British metal gets, take a punt, buy the release and support the artist – 8.5/10 (Paul Maddison/Ave Noctum)

Thunder and Lightning is available at:

Bandcamp (CD and Digital)
Amazon UK (Digital)

Be sure to check your preferred service for any and all of Steve Blower’s music.


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